Types Of Cockfighting Games Online

As technology develops, more and more people are playing cockfighting, because anyone can play it anywhere and anytime. How to play cockfighting is indeed very easy to understand and learn to become a professional. Similar to one of the online casino games, cockfighting also has types of games that are no less interesting to play. Players are only required to choose between two options, namely placing bets on meron (red chicken) and wala (blue chicken). So, here are the types of cockfighting games



Wala is a type of pliers with the same effect as maron, except that the chicken to be bet is blue. Under the bet type there will be odds issued by the player

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Usually people call it red or chicken which is positioned on the left. In this game there will also be odds issued by the player. For example, meron chickens are more favored than their opponents, so usually the odds will turn out to be minus.



BDD stands for Both Dead Draw which means that both chickens died. The match time of this type of play is only 10 minutes. So if within 10 minutes the two chickens fight to the death, then the one who installs BDD will win.



Full Time Draw is the opposite of BDD, if the BDD of both chickens dies within 10 minutes of the match, then the FTD is that both chickens are still alive within 10 minutes of the match. FTD is extremely rare. That also causes the odds are very high, namely 1:88 if you place 100 then you will get 8.8 million.