Similarities and Differences of Cockfighting in Various Asian Countries

Cockfighting is an activity to pit two roosters. This activity is known to have been carried out by humans for a long time, but there are no historical records that have succeeded in giving us an explanation for exactly when this activity first appeared.

Some sources that have been confirmed by many researchers are records of the spread of roosters from the Hindus database by traders who trade to various regions of the world. There are also those who claim that this was first done by ancient Chinese society.

Apart from this, such as in the Southeast Asia region, this cockfighting activity is very well known even today in the modern era like now, this activity still has its own lovers, for example in Thailand, Indonesia, and even Malaysia.

It is said that cockfighting itself in Indonesia has been carried out hundreds of years ago. The rooster, which has an unyielding nature, never gives up fear, is always used as a mighty figure, it is known from several nicknames or names that are often used by Jagoan or heroes in Indonesia.


Similarities and Differences of Cockfighting in Asian Countries

Cockfighting in Asian countries, especially Southeast Asia, is actually quite exciting to discuss, if we take the equation, of course, it can be said that 60-70% is the same, but it has several differences ranging from how to play, regulations and the chickens used to fight.

In Thailand, for example, cockfighting is one activity that is very popular with many people. Indeed, Thailand is still a mecca for fighting cock fans in Southeast Asia. This is natural because Thailand is the birthplace of a variety of quality rooster strains which are still used as broodstock for advanced strain chickens (breed breeding).

Cockfighting In Thailand

Call it some rooster breeds from this white elephant country such as Bangkok Chicken, Siamese Chicken, Pakhoy Chicken and many other types of chicken. The success of this country in the field of chicken strain development certainly provides a large enough income, of course this can happen because of the high interest of the Thai people in the cockfighting event.

In this country, cockfighting activities are usually carried out very similarly as in Indonesia, the difference is that usually the cockfighting to be pitted will be wrapped in a protective covering or in terms of boxing gloves so as not to give wounds or make the opponent’s cock deformed. Usually the chicken jalu will be cut first then sanded finely so it is not sharp. After that, a spur sheath made of rubber with a thickness of about 2-3mm is attached.

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Meanwhile in Vietnam and Cambodia s128, countries which are also neighboring Thailand are more or less the same, but it is known that recently in Vietnam and Cambodia there are cockfighting activities using knives. Knife cockfighting is an activity of fighting cocks in which the chicken fights the legs will be fitted with knife spurs to injure the opponent’s cock. This is considered cruel, but it has become a very popular activity, especially cockfighting gamblers.

Cockfighting In Vietnam

India, as a country where the activity of fighting two chickens is spread, also has its own characteristics, in this country usually chickens are pitted in the arena, sometimes with more than 2 chickens. Some arenas were even created for cockfighting activities with the Royal Rumble system, where there are approximately 10 more chickens that are put in one arena. Chickens that are competed also use knife spurs that are attached to the legs of each chicken. The last chicken standing in the arena is considered the winner in the event.

Meanwhile in Japan, as one of the most technologically advanced countries it also likes cock fighting activities. Chickens were once believed to bring good luck and were very popular with Japanese Daimyo-Daimyo in the past. Japan also has their own flagship strain, the shamo chicken. However, this Shamo chicken is contested as usual, not using a knife because Japanese people really avoid having their chickens disabled or tortured in matches. Cockfighting here is actually just a hobby and the development of chicken breeds is an academic activity.

Isn’t it unique that cockfights are held in Asian countries? in Indonesia itself, as we know, this activity has begun to fade and is leaving millennials who are more interested in technology. Even so, there are still a handful of people who preserve this activity such as Papaji and so on. also read other articles on the website