History Of Chicken Grafting

cockfighting is a form of spectator sport that has existed since ancient times. This assumption found evidence that cockfighting was entertainment in the Indus Valley Civilization.

This sport has been popular in ancient times in India, China, Persia, and other Eastern countries and was introduced to Ancient Greece in the time of Themistocles (524–460 BC). For such a long time the Romans were influenced to hate (Greek diversion). In the 1st century AD they complained that their followers often spent their inheritance betting on the cockpit side. But before that they were very enthusiastic about Columella farming writer


While in Indonesia itself, s128 cockfighting is a very old tradition in the Balinese Hindu tajen, that is the name cockfighting which is so well known by the Balinese people. Then practiced in ancient religious purification rituals to ward off evil spirits. This is one of the animal sacrifice rituals called tabuh rah (pouring blood). The connection of the chicken has been deduced from the ritual expression of tabuh rah that has existed for centuries and is obtained from the Batur Bang I inscription (in 933) and the Batuan Inscription (944 Caka Bali calendar). Meanwhile, if the chicken grafting without religious purposes will be considered as an act of gambling, which will be banned by the police.


Understanding the Cockfighting Gambling Game

Connecting the chicken is actually a “blood sport” e xtreem or blood sport. This game includes two chickens that compete in one game. This chicken grafting is carried out in a ring called the cockpit. And while the fighting chickens are commonly known as Gamecock. Where it is specially cared for and conditioned to have high stamina and strength.

Cockfighting matches are defined as fighting to the death, although sometimes it only causes physical injuries. But such physical injuries can provide significant trauma to fighting chickens. So even though the game of chicken grafting is the most popular in some countries such as the Philippines, other regions do not consider it that way. However, fighting cock will not be considered as a sport because it is the relevance of culture and religion.

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