Deadly Cockfighting Characteristics

Deadly-Cockfighting-Characteristics – For cockfighting hobbyists, they must already know and know exactly the type of fighting cock in Bangkok. When viewed from the physicality of this chicken, there is actually nothing interesting about this chicken. Even in terms of color and sound there is nothing unique.

However, if you are already in the battle arena, the story is different. Because this type of chicken is classified as sadistic and ferocious to the point that this chicken can fight to the death when it is in the arena. Therefore, it is not surprising that many cockfighting hobbyists use this type of chicken to become their champion.

For now, there are actually many types of chickens that can be used as fighting chickens, such as Bangkok chicken, Saigon chicken, Burmese chicken and several chickens from crosses. Many other chickens have also proven to be champions and become excellent seeds so that many enthusiasts are looking for these chicks.

In this article, the cockfighting agent will explain how to get to know the characteristics of fighting cocks with deadly blows. Here we describe the characteristics of this type of chicken to make it easier for you to recognize it:

Characteristics of Bangkok Chicken With Deadly Blows

Characteristics of Chicken Feet

Usually a chicken with a lethal blow will have small, short legs and slightly long thighs. So when the chicken is standing straight, the chicken legs will be seen bending with the horse jumping up.

Likewise, the toes of the chicken must be small so that when the chicken hits you will feel the punch of the chicken going through to the chicken bone. And if the blow is hit by the opponent’s fatal part such as the neck it will cause the opponent’s bone to break and even break.

Chicken Neck

The neck of a fighting cock that has a deadly blow will have the characteristics of a thick, strong and flexible neck. With these advantages, it can provide bending speed when the chicken is about to launch a hitting attack towards its enemy’s head. These advantages certainly also make it easier for chickens when they want to avoid attacks from their opponents. When the fighting cock makes this movement it will look like it is forming the letter O, this condition is a condition where the chicken will make a very accurate hit.

The legs and neck of the chicken are an important part of knowing the abilities of the chicken. But remember to pay attention to other physical parts of the chicken. Chickens with a deadly blow must also be supported by the quality of their bodies, beaks that are hard and sharp, as well as the braids.

This is the article the Cockfighting Team can provide about Recognizing the Characteristics of a Fighting Cock With a Deadly Strike.

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