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The research on the growth-promoting effect of algin oligosaccharide has attracted more and more attention in the field of medicine and other fields. Kaw ada et al. studied the effect of the algin oligosaccharide on the growth of the cutin cells, and found that the oligosaccharide can significantly increase the growth rate of the keratinocytes, and the effect is similar to that of the bovine pituitary extract (BPE). The oligosaccharide action with the G-terminal is more significant, possibly due to the affinity of the terminal G to the receptor on the keratinocytes or the activation of the epidermal growth factor (EGF). In 2001, The positive effects of algin and iron-derived complex oligomannuronic acid on peripheral blood cells and bone marrow nucleated cells were reported in the Gong Xiaoli et al.

The oligomannuronic acid can obviously increase the number of the nucleated cells in the bone marrow and the white blood cells in the peripheral blood, and can be used as an auxiliary medicine for the chemotherapy of the tumor, and has important significance for the clinical treatment effect of the tumor chemotherapy. In addition, the effect of algin oligosaccharide on the growth of plants has been reported in recent years. In 2000, Guyen et al. reported that the degradation components were obtained after irradiation with the brown algae, and the degradation of the mixed product with the algin with a relative molecular weight of less than 10 Da shows the growth promoting effect on the rice and the peanut, and the appropriate control of the mixed concentration can improve the action intensity. Iw asaki et al. showed that the growth of lettuce root in the range of 200 to 3000 g/ mL was twice as long as that of the blank group. In addition to the growth-promoting growth, the algin oligosaccharide is also an important signal molecule in the plant body, can promote the growth of the plant, and can improve the resistance of the plant to the diseases and insect pests. The growth-promoting effect of algin oligosaccharide has opened up a new way for its application in medicine and in the cultivation of plant.

Single layer compression bandages

Class (level of compression) Indication Examples
3a (light (14-17 mm Hg))
To treat simple VLU
Elset, Litepress
3b (moderate (18-24 mm Hg))
To treat VLU and ulcers secondary to lymphoedema
Tensoplus Forte, Coban
3c (high (25-35 mm Hg))
As for class 3b plus gross varicose veins in moderate sized legs
Tensopres, Setopress, Surepress
3d (extra-high (36-50 mm Hg))
To treat extensive VLU, ulcers secondary to lymphoedema, extensive varicose veins, and post-thrombotic venous insufficiency in patients with very large and oedematous legs
Elastic web bandages (blue line or red line webbing)

VLU = venous leg ulcer.



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