Fucoidan can be easily cooked out of most edible brown algae by simmering 20-40 minutes in water (alone or in food). When consumed, it seems to reduce the intensity of the inflammatory response and promote more rapid tissue healing after wound trauma and surgical trauma. This means that brown seaweed broth is recommended after auto collision , sports injuries, bruising falls, muscle and joint damage, and deep tissue cuts, including voluntary surgery.

I recommend patients anticipating surgery eat 3-5 grams brown seaweed cooked as a vegetable broth daily for a week or two prior to surgery. Fucoidan in the pre-surgical patient diet seems to reduce the intensity of blood loss and vascular bed collapse shock during and after surgery. The mechanism for this positive effect is unclear.

We can all statistically expect major surgery sometime in our individual lives. We are the only animal that voluntarily submits to surgery. I believe this may cause some body integrity sanctity problems internally which may negatively effect the wound response and subsequent healing. Fucoidan may help the body decide to heal after voluntary surgery and other wounding such as radiation and chemotherapy.

Patients undergoing radiation or chemotherapy seem to benefit from regular fucoidan consumption via brown seaweed broth before, during, and after treatments. They report fewer and less intense adverse reactions, better recovery and sense of well-being.

Antiviral Action 
Fucoidan interferes with every stage of viral attack, cell attachment, cell penetration, and intracellular virion production by stimulating the production of antiviral cytokines. There may be some viral suppression in virus-infested patients but results are difficult to verify or measure. Research continues into using fucoidan or its derivatives to combat common viral infestations: HIV, HPV, and Herpes.

A fucoidan curiosity is that its teminal sugar is Fucose. All human cells studied have very precise Fucose recepter sites on their surfaces. Perhaps this results in stronger therapeutic responses.


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